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Anonymous Comments Will NOT be Posted!

July 30, 2009

Something Happening comments at this website, based on the Something Happening Here newsletter beginning with July 31, 2009 (and any previous newsletters I decide to post here retroactively for comments), will NOT post “anonymous” comments, period, no matter who is posting, a subscriber or not.

If you have the guts to speak your mind you should have the guts to put your name or username to the comment. This is to keep trolls, CIA-FBI-NSA-Mossad-MI6 stooges, or anti-semites of the “semitic” variety from posting their anonymous ADL-type “hate” comments.

If you want to call me a name or say I committed some kind of “hate crime”, have the “chutzpah” if you know what I mean to say who the hell you are!


“I Think I’ll Just Move to the Country…Become a ‘Survivalist’…Shouldn’t Be Too Difficult,” and Other Stuff

July 30, 2009

Just in case the reader hasn’t read <a href=”thinking_of_moving_to_rural_remote_considerations.html”>this</a> yet, I have nothing else better to do than to restate my case:  DO NOT move to the rural remote unless you are prepared to work your butt off! Any
wanna-be “survivalist,” the kind that one reads about in the NY Times or LA Times or Washington Post or “Local Sentinel-Dispatch-News-Whatever,” never actually gets around to telling the truth that his or her or their “heaven” in the country was created by hours and days and weeks and months (not to mention years) of back breaking labor…either theirs or someone else’s. Or does one assume these yuppies (after all, no one wants to hear from some stiff who makes “only” 50K a year, when a fit and trim couple with lovely children with an income of 300K will do!) are likely to pay some clown $10 an hour (what they believe the rural remote going rate is!) to plant their garden? I am not joking! There are ‘from-the-big-city’ folks out here who have done just that and have lived to regret it! The so-called “clowns” KNOW who the real clowns are!

Well, after about twenty-some-odd years of back breaking labor (mostly my husband’s…but with him being so busy being an EMS director in a town about 50 miles away, I am picking up more and more of the slack), it is STILL back breaking labor! Going on “search and destroy” missions for grasshoppers, cucumber bugs and the like by having to bend over or stoop to the garden isn’t exactly a yoga exercise! You think picking beans and squash in the hot sun or the heat of the day is a day at the beach? And for those of you with chickens to slaughter… well you get the idea. Have a greenhouse? Well, I don’t imagine it put itself up! Further, you don’t invite your livestock into the house for dinner…they can forage, yes, but who is going to give them their supplements they need? Game animals don’t shoot themselves. Brush doesn’t weed-whack itself. Rocks don’t levitate out of the ground–you have to lay that pick and come-along into them and move them yourself. Unless, ofcourse, you want a half-assed job done so you hire someone else. Well, we don’t. Which is why we have done 99% of the work ourselves (sorry, God does the work using our bodies). Did I mention that the rural remote is “no country for lazy men,” and there is no such thing out here as “something for nothing,” (and chicks ain’t free, either…not even bird chicks!)

What got me going on this kick was reading <a href=”>Backwoods Home articles by Claire Wolfe</a>, who also wrote a nifty article at this site called <a href=””>”Preparing for Civil Unrest”</a>. One of
Wolfe’s pieces <a href=””&gt; is based on a letter writer to the mag about wanting to find his own “freedom” but seemingly not have to work hard to get it, while making
certain assumptions about how “easy” it would be to pack up, leave the city, and move to the country. Didn’t much matter where, as long as it was ‘the country’. I think Wolfe did a pretty good job setting him straight.

Now, since I don’t advertise on Google or anywhere else and rely on “the hand of God” to move people to this site (or perhaps, word of mouth by subscribers and others–after all, I really do get at least hundreds of visits here daily!), should the writer of that letter wind up here, this post is for folks like him or her. There is a reason why we live in far west Texas, in the Davis
Mountains. Texas is very gun friendly, lenient on home schoolers, ranchers (you build a fence not to keep cattle in but to keep cattle out!), small business owners, has a wide range of climates, land forms and elevations, and weather types, and use to be (and might become again) its own country, and is generally no-nonsense with more limited government (except that the state legislature just passed a ridiculous law stating that in case of government-mandated evacuations, you either evacuate or go to jail!). The Davis Mountains, though in dry west Texas, gets a good amount of rain in the summer and is more drought-free than other parts of west Texas. Plus, it
never gets too cold or too hot up here at about 6,000 feet.

But Texas, since it is a “primary law enforcement state” and probably has more law enforcement per capita than any other state (because it has a roughly 700 mile border with Mexico, it has the Texas Rangers, and more Texans have been employed by the military and law enforcement than any other state and getting all those so-called “benefits”), may not be “free enough” for some. But how “free” was Randy Weaver in Idaho? How “free” were the “Freemen” in Montana? How “free” are the “Free Staters” in New Hampshire, which always votes Republican and supported McCain, or in Vermont, which always votes Democrat and has as one of its Congress critters a self-described Socialist? BTW, all of these states have cold winters, lots of snow (where the snow blower doesn’t go), shorter growing seasons, and you had better have barns with heaters for your livestock! Yes, and rigorous (that is, expensive) insulation in your house. And, oh yes. Bears.

But, I’m not going to stop you from trying. The thing is, I believe you must thoroughly check out possible living sites by camping out in the area if possible or at least staying somehow (hotel or RV) nearby, in summer and in winter. State/County/Municipal regulations and codes and zoning ordinances. Prices, for everything. Jobs and salaries…be prepared to get a 30-50 percent salary cut. Dial-up internet, unless you love bandwidth usage limits with satellite internet. And forget about going into town whenever you like, unless you want to prematurely use up your vehicle. And be prepared for either nosey neighbors at one end or “leave me alone!” neighbors on the other end. If you are a liberal, good luck finding a like-minded neighbor! If you are Jewish, a synagogue…etc., etc., etc. But, by all means, put out the effort to make an attempt at least!

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July 30, 2009

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