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“The Government Pretends to Govern Us, and We Pretend to Obey Them”

October 10, 2009

This title is based on a well-known saying from the old Soviet Union: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” Really I can’t think of a better way to put it. Why should Congress take anything We the People, or, as some might put it, “Tea Party” or “Angry Mob”-type folks, do or say when it is so easy for them to ignore us? Easy, since they have many secret service folks making sure that we have no direct access to them (except for Town Hall meetings, where they have ACORN and SEIU instead). Fun, because it is really really cool to know that you are above the law. Profitable, because while taxpayers pay the salary it is a drop in the bucket compared to what they make from lobbiests and think tanks. They listen to their owners. Period. And wouldn’t you know it, it is so easy to become utterly corrupt. Pays better, too! In fact, it is not only easy to ignore We the People, but, when you have tools like Olbermann, Maddow, and Hannity and O’Reilly standing with the rulers against “the rabble,” or acting like they are calling you out but in fact obfuscate the issues into “bad liberal Democrats vs. good conservative Republicans” (as Hannity and O’Reilly do), gee, doesn’t that make being traitorus and corrupt that much easier, fun, and profitable? So easy, a caveman could do it…and what would the difference be if a real caveman ran for office? As long as he loved money over duty and honor to uphold the rule of law (ie. the Constitution), none.

In fact, it is getting so whatever they do, whether it is passing hate crime bills, to spening money on weapons that won’t work in wars we ain’t gonna win, to bailing out the folks who own them (and these folks call US slaves!), to stirring up folks like Alex Jones into such a froth it riles the imagination, to giving themselves pay raises while cutting back on days at work… Need I go on? It is getting so the more they legislate the less anyone is really going to pay attention to it. Since they don’t bother to read the bills, likelihood is they don’t even know what is “the law.” In trying to enforce whatever the law is, they’ll make it up as they go along. Hate crime laws? They’ll have one or two show trial examples of patsy anti-semites or whatever just to scare us into silence, and then it’ll come out that the hate victim wasn’t a victim after all, at which time they’ll bury the truth as they always do. Think Duke University’s Lacrosse Team. Weapons? Makes the opium harvesting less obvious, and besides, who wants to spend money on repairing infrastructure? Not glamorous enough. And why shouldn’t Congress bail out the banks and giant corporations? They know who owns them! What choice do they have? (Again, who the hell are the slaves here? Jones and the rest keep calling us “sheeple” slaves. BS! The slaves…and I have a feeling Barack “Nobel Peace Prize” Obama just set African-Americans back a hundred years or so…led by the biggest slave of all [the Big O], must do what they are told. Period. Just like Bush. Just like Clinton [though, in Slick Willie’s case, I’d say he rather enjoyed it], and the rest of the CIA handled bunch). And did you know that Congress now works 2 and a half day weeks? Talk about pretending to govern us! Is that what us taxpayers are paying them for? (Actually, a two-and-a-half-day workweek from Congress is probably a good idea…that way they can do less damage, maybe…but the fact remains they are still getting paid to work a full week).

Now, I am not generally a cynic. But everytime I read something about what the government does I can’t help but feel they are doing what they are doing, on purpose, to screw We the People. Not only that, but I think they revel in it. I mean, passing laws in bills they don’t even read? I guess they figure since they keep getting re-elected, they figure folks back home don’t really give a crap. In some respects this is true. I have a feeling though that all this is changing. I mean, come on, Congress critters. You can only screw people so much, just as you can only get so much blood out of a turnip. Since we may be approaching the point where the vast majority of Americans have virtually nothing left to lose, screwing us won’t really make that much of an impact, except to compel us to act, and without fear of “losing” something.

I now present a true worst case scenario that might actually stand a chance of happening. Let’s say we have official unemployment at 15 percent, meaning the real unemployment is about 30 percent; along with that seventy percent of college grads cannot find work other than, say, flipping burgers. And let’s say along with that we have kids in college who will be unable to complete their education because they can no longer afford it in any way, shape or form. And, through all this, we are rapidly approaching the point of Zimbabwe-level hyperinflation, so that whatever money the government has not managed to steal from us can’t buy much, anyway. Finally…just to add spice to the mix…the government must bring our troops back home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and everywhere else (since others, like Japan [good for them!], want us out of their countries anyway). So now, in this scenario, we have millions of unemployed workers, young folks, teens–and now, soldiers in civilian life. Except for the mercenary outfits like Xe (Blackwater, who also owns the so-called “American Police Force” of Hardin, Montana, fame), who will hire the psychopath scumbags who will think nothing of killing We the People if we “get outta line,” most of these soldiers will also be unemployed. I hope you are keeping track of what I am saying with this possible scenario. Because it has existed in the past, and I don’t mean Weimar, Germany.

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