Who Says We’re Not In Kansas Anymore?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…more political BS! But folks, it’s winter. There is no longer a garden to worry about. There is so much dead wood around here that it simply isn’t very interesting writing about collecting it all, from kindling to tree stumps, about cutting it all up with a chain saw, and as far as I’m concerned, one chain saw brand is as good as another. I think we use a Poulon…but I’m sure other brands are fine, as well. And do you really expect me to write an article about what to buy for Christmas? Don’t ask. Buy what you think you might need for the proverbial “sh*t hits the fan” scenario, whether it happens or not. Or gold and silver. Or food. Or chickens. I think I will leave that up to the reader.

Anyway, I was going to post about how the alternative media might not be much better than the MSM, about how the alternative sites, especially the news aggregators, have more truth to tell, but can also sew confusion by issuing contradictory stories and opinion disguided as “news.” Seems these news aggregators, as with most Americans at large, fail to distinguish between “fact” and “opinion,” something English teachers nationwide constantly complain about. But then the item below came across my radar…folks, this sort of reporting is getting serious–Obama might be preparing for some sort of “revolution” scenario–because it is now being reported “overseas”, for instance, in the European Union Times, which appears to be linked to American “patriot” sites such as “American Free Press” (formerly the “Spotlight,” meaning it is probably as infiltrated as the Spotlight was), meaning the “EUTimes” may have little to actually do with Europe. Also there are links to sites that look neo-nazi. And to think, as far as I’ve seen, it all started with the alternative media person I most love to diss, Alex Jones.

Jones had posted on one of his sites, this item about a radio interview featuring Greg Everson of “Heartland USA,” who just happens to be a former law enforcement operative from Kansas (hence the title), about Obama getting US troops within the country, as well as intel operators and law enforcement, prepared for civil unrest. Everson has a link to this interview on his site here, and I first saw the actual article on the DProgram site about some quasi-military martial law exercise that is supposedly in the works. This was the original article that Jones posted, and in a comment at DProgram it was stated that Jones posted the article, but one hour later, took it down. (It was upon learning this that my BS detector turned on.) Thus, the link at the beginning of the paragraph won’t work. See the DProgram link.

Read the rest of the article <a href=”http://www.somethinghappeninghere.net/news121309.html”>here</a&gt;.


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2 Responses to “Who Says We’re Not In Kansas Anymore?”

  1. Lee from Kansas City Says:

    Hi Deb,
    As a long-time reader, my experience is that you’re getting better and better at writing your newsletter. I appreciate your investigative efforts, and am impressed by them. Also, you don’t just rephrase the same old, same old, but rather come up with original points of view, as well as sources I almost always don’t (yet) know about.
    In addition, your bottom line is that God is sovereign. Thus, delusions of gaining narrow human sovereignty of planet earth, cannot come to fruition. This is my view, also.
    In the meantime, many are suffering, and the suffering is likely to increase. It’s not something that can be wished away (due to our Creator’s respect for our free will). Even so, in eternity, spirit is dominant over non-spirit (selfishness, greed, etc.). It’s a reality I wish that everyone could know about, and upon which many more could learn to rely.
    Thanks for spreading both earthly truths and divine truths. I wish for Christmas blessings for you, Deb, and for all your readers! : >)

    P.S. Here’s a listening tip for anyone interested. Recently Coast to Coast radio featured two hours with G. Edward Griffin (author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”). Though I’ve been following Griffin for quite awhile now, I still found the depth of that two-hour segment to be exceptionally significant, offering me fresh awareness about the planetary game being played.
    At this point, the show can’t be accessed unless one subscribes to Coast to Coast (which is about $30 for six months, if I recall correctly). However, I hope that Griffin will also post this interview on his website, because it is well worth hearing. The fact that Griffin was “on” to the Fed and its nefariousness very early on, gives Griffin a perspective that is unique and insightful. Again, I highly recommend it.

    • somethinghappeninghere Says:

      Lee it’s always good to hear from you! thanks for saying my posts are getting better, and I give the Lord Jesus Christ credit for giving me a good BS detecter! But experience shows me that the truth has to be saught out and not just handed to you. I mean, making that sort of accusation–that Obama is setting us up for martial law, without citing an original source–is one reason that it is easy to all “conspiracy theories” are nonsense and hurts the cause of freedom. We need truth, not fearmongering.

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