The WordPress Take Down of Blogs for Violation of ToS–Is it Personal?

Folks, this blog right here you are reading could be next. WordPress, who I thought was above censorship–clearly they are NOT above censorship!–has taken down Dr. Eowyn’s “Fellowship of the Minds” and also, more recently, “American Everyman.” To my knowledge, neither blog has advocated hate speech or violence. Other independent blogs have also been taken down by WordPress. Since I have always like WordPress, this is a bothersome development; further, by taking WordPress to task over this censorship while being on a WordPress site, I may be taken down as well, and soon. I am NOT transferring any blogs to Blogger, however. It’s owner, Google, is even worse!

According to Dr. Eowyn, he has not been given a reason for this take down. Speculation around this appears to blame some “reporter”of something Dr. Eowyn wrote on his blog that perhaps was taken as offensive, advocating hate speech, or violence–according to this person’s opinion. Was it because Eowyn wrote about the take down of Alex Jones? (which on this very here blog I have written about not once, not twice, but thrice!)

Or was it personal? Did Dr. Eowyn “upset” some person, and then this person got revenge?

Because one thing is sure in this world–the days of growing thick skin have passed.

Thank God I have thick skin. When you were bullied as a teen and pre-teen, when you grew up wanting to be playing by yourself with clay figures and writing stories and making up book characters because you felt like everyone else thought you were ‘crazy,’ then the only way to ‘survive’ so to speak is to grow the thickest skin you can.

There are times I actually feel sorry for these thin-skinned SJWs. Emos, without all the make-up. And how will they deal with the world if the world doesn’t go along with their notions?

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6 Responses to “The WordPress Take Down of Blogs for Violation of ToS–Is it Personal?”

  1. Mike Ross Says:

    It was the ” media – lord ” jews , who shut her down .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is not “ a jew , and He “ does not “ approve , of the so called judeo – christian zionists . JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD WHITE HEBREW ISRAELITE . ( HE IS OUR GOD AND NEAR KINSMAN . All Real And True Hebrews – are White-Men . However , “ not “ all white appearing men , are real & true Hebrews . ) JESUS is a direct descendant , from The Patriarch Judah ( The Son of Jacob , The Son of Isaac , The Son of Abraham ) , by His pure blood mother Mary ; JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD JUDAHITE . On the other hand , a jew is a mix blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . )

    JESUS CHRIST was born by a virgin , in Bethlehem . His conception was a miracle – by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . He is THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER , singularly born , by and in , such a manner . He grew up in the village of Nazareth , in the region of Galilee . Thus , His recognized identity was and is , THE NAZARENE MAN FROM GALILEE – THE GALILEAN . ( On the other hand , the jew is named after , and for , and comes from – Jerusalem / Judea )

    The religion that JESUS CHRIST adhered to , was The Mosaic Law of Moses , as found today , in The Old Testament of THE HOLY BIBLE . He was and is , THE ONLY ONE , that could and did and does , keep The Law perfectly – with purity . After He died for us , and then resurrected , JESUS instituted THE NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL : He offered Conditional Reconciliation ( if an individual will choose it ) for All Mankind , to find GOD – so receiving Mercy and Future Glory , by Faith in JESUS and Repentance and Reformation .

    On the other hand , the jews were His arch enemies – all throughout His ministry . The pharisees corrupted The Mosaic Law , and made it into “ judaism “ – with their mysticism & magic & traditions of men . JESUS confronted the money changers – trading & selling at their tables , in front of and within , HIS – GOD’S HOUSE AND HOLY TEMPLE . He overthrew , and ruined their evil business . In revenge , they conspired and accomplished , the crucifixion of THE SON OF GOD . The jews used the Romans , as their agents and instruments , for their murder of THE MESSIAH . The jews gladly claimed their own responsibility , for the bloody killing . ( Matthew 27 : 24 – 25 , THE HOLY BIBLE , kjv . ) The jews ( as a group ) were then and are today , GOD’S most implacable , hate filled enemies – and JESUS hates them back . GOD Himself say’s : “ Jacob have I loved “ , and then He say’s , “ esau “ ( another name for the jew ) “ have I hated “ . ( Romans 9 : 13 , THB , kjv . )

    THE “ I AM “ – JEHOVAH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT , IS THE GOD/MAN – JESUS CHRIST OF THE NEW TESTAMENT . GOD’S TRUTHS ARE HOLY RIDDLES – that need to be searched out – and found – to be appreciated and cherished and judiciously shared .

    There is much more to tell , on this subject , and the more the telling – the more compelling the case for the truth , and a corresponding growing gratefulness , by wonderful understanding .

    JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His lineage . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His childhood residence , nor by the primary locality – of His mission activity . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His religion .

    The jew is a mixed blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . ) The jews took over the office’s of : ( The King & The Temple High Priest & The Sanhedrin ) , by spiritual philosophy and actual infiltration ; in the cosmopolitain Jerusalem of Judea . Their impure bloodlines of direct descent , come from “ the serpent seed men “ – that wicked brood of vipers & traitors : cain – ham – canaan – ishmael – esau – and many others . For that “ kosher mafia “ , Salvation is still just possible ( withal not likely ) , for separating individuals , who surrender to , and who live by faith upon , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST . Nevertheless , judaism is the world’s leading “ secret combination “ – against THE TRUE GOD . It is already cursed to a black doom , and destined for an ultimate oblivion , and will be finally given over , to the fires of hell .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is absolutely not “ a jew , and He will ultimately fully reject , all judeo – christian zionists , whom persist , in their shameful & guilty – delusions & sins . Their souls are being stolen , by connivance and by deception and by sophistry . They have the blood iniquity , of shared responsibility , for supporting all the violence and injustice , that the jews perpetrate . Turn away from , “ The False Prosperity Gospels “ – who’s promise is a fool’s reward . Rather yet – stand on GOD’S right side , to solely seek , purity and perfection – through only , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – by His merits alone . Pray to GOD to obtain – THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST .

    • somethinghappeninghere Says:

      Mike, whether Christ is a “Jew”or a member of David’s line or a gentile does not matter as to the post I made that you commented on–what does this have to do with the take down of Fellowship of the Minds?. I know about the miscegenation part, the do not mix with slanted eyed folks part, and Kenite part (Kenites a related to Cain, no?) But your stuff, while true in many respects. smacks of Christian Identity, which I also do not support. I do Christ. not religion (see my blogger blog,

  2. Paladin Justice, Ph.D. Says: was taken down at the same time, which was about 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, as I recall. I was getting over 200,000 hits per month, which made me a target. The odd thing is that unlike the others, I am not a conspiracy theorist but rather supported conspiracy theorists like Dr. Eowyn, Henry Makow, and others. I had only a small handful of posts on Sandy Hook, generally at odds with those who believe it’s a hoax. However, I did have photos of the Sandy Hook kids posted, which is now, after the change in WP policies, a thought crime.

    Anyway, the WP people have responded in the past. I had 20,000 plus posts over 4 years and twice before I had content removed by WP, neither of which was a valid TOS violation. It takes them at least a week to respond to your appeals. Once, my site stayed up although I couldn’t access it. It’s never been removed before.

    Finding a host, paying in advance, and getting a domain name registered should cost anywhere from $200 to $500 to get back online with another host. However, was removed by WP and his first host, so there’s always more censorship down the line. He’s up now with 1 plus 1 hosting.

    • DL. Says:

      See comment below…having trouble replying…

      I have reposted most of these blog posts on another bog site, which could also censor these posts. As for another web host, BlueHost has already screwed me (with my OmegaBooks book-marketing-selling site and its blog), and GoDaddy is a non-starter. I may check out 1 plus 1 hosting…hopefully I can afford it (including my book site, which is on WordPress until it renews next year–the problem is that when you move a domain site it takes 60 to 90 days to move it to where you can start posting again. If WordPress removes this blog for any reason, I will definitely move my OmegaBooks sites! Sorry about not mentioning Saboteur365–Dr. Eowyn did mention your site though; I did not know your site existed. Sorry you were screwed. God bless and good luck with the new host.

  3. Paladin Justice, Ph.D. Says:

    A reminder to all: Blogger’s TOS bans “hate speech” meaning you can’t make a statement construed by them to be anti-Muslim, anti-homosexual, or anti-transgender. You also cannot criticize any race or ethnic group, except I suppose the white race.

  4. Mike Ross Says:

    WordPress is a trap . See the ( 14 August 2018 and ongoing ) censorship saga of Scott Creighton ( aka American Everyman ) , on his youtube channel – “ churchdog42 “ , while you still can .

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