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Time for Parallel Structures (the short version)–Get Out of the System!

April 7, 2022

Now, if there were good guys in government vs. bad guys in government, parallel structures and getting out of the “system” the government is thought to lead wouldn’t be even considered by lawful citizens let alone preppers. But with a few exceptions (one of whom may be a Texas representative, Chip Roy, known for calling out RINOs as well as Democrats and is fed up with Biden allowing hoards of illegals crossing the Texas border with Mexico, among other insanities of government), vitually everyone on the US Federal government and most of state and many in local governments is a bad guy or gal or whatever “gender” one chooses to be…to heck with what God created!

The now-well-known Tucker Carlson video from Fox News featuring Obama ignoring Biden (who put his hand on Obama’s shoulder at some White House meeting or something), where Carlson claims most Democrats are ignoring if not flat out attempting to remove Biden from the White House, which appears to be going viral, is not the “hopium” we need to bring this nation back to some sense of sanity. For Biden isn’t the only bad guy here. Like Ms. “Word Salad,” aka Commie Kammy, would be any better? If Biden’s confused speech is bad, wait ’til Harris gets to totally insult salad like she does hyenas when she laughs and cackles the way she does! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Or “Nancy” Pelosi….I prefer “Nazi” Pelosi, but anyway…. And it isn’t just the “laptop from Hell” of Biden’s loved one, either. And it isn’t just Biden doing whatever he can to:

  1. Destroy the US economy…why?
  2. Destroy the US military with “vaccines” and other woke garbage…why?
  3. Destroy whatever since he seemingly wants war with Russia….why?

And more. But as to the “why”? Why? Because he sides with evil, that’s why!

Folks still wearing masks, still social distancing, still claiming schools must teach CRT, still following the cult of Woke, still looking forward to ratting out neighbors STASI-style because it makes them feel superior and assuages their self-hatred, still watching CNN-MSNBC-CBS-ABC and listening to that God-awful NPR (which is the only radio station that works in my neck of the woods)…yada yada yada…. Do you folks still think the government and/or the elites in government-academia-Big Tech-Big Pharma-the entertainment industry/Hollywood-sports-Big Industry-“Climate Change Activists”-SJWs-the “race card players”-etc….do you still think these folks give a rat’s a$$ about you? Seriously?

Then enjoy your slavery!

As for the sane among us, it is time to get the heck outta “Dodge,” aka “the system.” And siding with the bad guys since there are so few good guys won’t cut it. Get out of the system as completely as you can…as much as you can (which used to be the theme of my old domain site) will no longer cut it. Get out! When you are out, you no longer comply, and the system has much less affect on you. So may I suggest how…the short version. This would mostly apply and resonate with those with little to no debt (mortgage paid or financially supported, little to no credit card debt or student loan debt or car payment debt, etc.), and critical thinkers who can do their own research.

Financial–pay off the debts you have ASAP. Then, any discretionary spending, apply for goods one would need in the god-knows-what-will-happen-future….hyper-inflation? Stock up and spend wisely, including stuff one can use later in the barter trade when fiat currency is Weimar-Germany-style-hyper-inflationary, or Zimbabwe several years ago, when fiat dollars are totally worthless….but canned food is priceless, or even used laptops or gloves or garden tools or fan belts or paper-back books, if, say, the world-wide-web goes down and e-books are no longer available… that is, buy durable and useful goods…right now, full gas cans or spare lumber or spare furniture might make really good barter-able items! Or, buy gold and silver if you can…. And if you can, get your money little by little out of the banks in cash. Do not do “structuring,” that is, getting out a few bucks short of the IRS-withdrawal limit, which will alert the IRS that you might be doing this for illegal purposes (because only the criminal psycho elites can “structure” if you know what I mean….bribe, purchase from human traffickers, that sort of thing).

Educational–to express a term I love to use: Home School, Dammit! And if you must go to college, may I suggest some of the ones that aren’t completely WOKE yet–Texas A&M, Hillsdale…and maybe one or two others… Some private Christian schools may be okay…who knows?

Career–Now is the time to learn “old school” trades such as plumbing, electrician, auto mechanic, carpentry, sewing, cooking, traditional old school teaching (real math, real reading, real history, real science, industrial arts, real music, non-woke art, classical literature, writing, real physical education and non-woke sports, etc.), gardening, raising livestock/hunting/fishing/camping….and especially bush craft! All the while office work or online work such as logistics. And, if you can handle the pressure, become an EMT or nurse or aide or orderly or firefighter. And if you can, work off the books… Now that means you likely won’t collect Social Security and Medicare (which is why self-employed work on the books and pay both ends of the FICA taxes as well as withholding). But what if in the future you will be forced to get “vaxxed” to collect it and you are still pureblooded? Or what if SS and MC go completely bankrupt which is predicted to happen around 2030? Then what do you do?

Lifestyle–Be frugal!!! Why spend money on things you do not need? Spend wisely! And if you can, get out of the cities and upper-middle-class suburbs and metro areas, and move to the rural remote or small rural area towns, where for the most part sanity still exists. Just make sure you can afford gas, since it’s twenty miles or more to the nearest super market or even job or school or church…. And buy as much guns and ammo as you might need, practice at target practice ranges as often as possible. While you won’t have to deal with criminals in BLM and Antifa, you just might have to deal with roaming illegals (esp. in Texas, NM and Arizona)…or mountain lions, bears, javelinas, wolves, coyotes, etc.

Food–eat healthy and organic and/or non-GMO foods. They’re more expensive, but cost effective! Or would you rather buy junk food and wind up in the hospital with diabetes? Also take probiotics and prebiotics…which has helped my digestive system and gut flora in a huge way! Acid reflux is almost non-existant now! Alcohol? Restrict use of whiskey/scotch/bourbon/vodka/etc., and as for beer, craft-brewed-only! And quit smoking cigarettes!

Medicine–go homeopathic completely if you can. I hate allopathy, but honestly I have tried using various herbals to get rid of migraines for years, and only triptans work…oh well…not all allopathy is evil I guess….As for the “vaccines,” do your own research! And take probiotics.

Media–get off the TV! And restrict your online usage as well… get out and walk or exercise or do some honest work. Face to face contact! Go fishing….

And I’ll end on a good note: Get right with God! Tell Satan to you-know-what-off! (Sorry, I just don’t like cussing if you know what I mean…). And stop relying on government! Do not comply!

About That “War” in Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Well, that’s what the MSM ‘narrative only and to hell with truth’ media organs of ‘new world order’ ‘woke-ism would call it. Now diss me of you want, but I call it theater. And what a better way for the ‘great reset’ crowd to get everyone to stop the divide and rule narrative with covid than to ‘unite’ us all in the US and the west than to goad Russia into a ‘war’ over a nation ruled by criminals, acording to a court in the Ukraine spoken of during a press conference there, as can be seen in the video here as well as here. And it’s on other alternative news sites as well. And in this video can be seen and heard of why the so-called ‘Biden Administration’ is so keen to start a war with Russia. At the site Winter Watch are several posts about Biden’s affiliation with Ukraine’s criminal-stoked government led by a former entertainer called Zelensky. Well, if Trump can do it…

And just to let you know, dear reader, I am NOT a fan of Putin! He was chosen among others such as Trudeau, Merkle, Macron, Ardern, and various other ‘Young Global Leaders’ by Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum infamy. Do not equate me with Paul Craig Roberts, ‘Mr. Putin is our Savior’ that I can criticized in the past for his ridiculous love of good ol’ Vlad. Yet, Schwab himself has denounced Putin and, according to this post, Putin is no longer with the World Economic Forum. Hmmmmm….. Yet it doesn’t matter to me, I am still no fan of Putin. Yet, compared to Zelensky and especially Biden, Putin seems at least to have some sense of strategy.

I know, I know, I know…all those media reports using the ‘narrative’ about Putin bombing Kiev and Mariupal and Kharkov and this place and that place and driving away civilians and murdering thousands, yada yada yada. Well, guess that? I can provide a few examples of fake news using videos taken during past events in years past, such as:

this one from Off-Guardian

this one from the Donbass Region, and not by Russia, but Ukraine

this one featuring a Palestinian lady against the IDF

this hoax bombing of a Holocaust Memorial, again not by Russia

And then you have some lady on Fox News interviewing Condeleeza “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” Rice lambasting Russia for invading Ukraine and saying ‘it’s wrong’ to invade sovereign nations (unless the US does it of course!) in this post and accompanying video by a man from Greece who is tracking the fake news from the US and NATO. You can also watch this on YouTube (until they remove it?)

And speaking of YouTube… one of the best truthful and eye-witness accounts of what is happening in Ukraine, from an American living in Ukraine, originally from Arizona, is on a channel called ‘Coach Red Pill.’ His name is Gonzalo Lira and being an eye-witness to the events, I’d say he has a better true view of the events than any propaganda touting MSM news source, including even the ones from Russia (honestly, can I trust RT or Sputnik? Really?) Here is the first one of his I saw where he explains exactly why and how Putin and Russia are invading, and it doesn’t sound to me from this eye-witness that Russia has any desire to kill millions of Ukrainians, and is in fact doing it primarily to back the two new breakaway Donbass Region nations of Luhansk and Donetsk (if I spelled them wrong, sorry about that). Further, if one is seeing videos on MSM channels of many leaving Kiev and other cities, Coach Red Pill says that according to folks he knows in Kiev they are leaving so Zelensky cannot conscript them into the Ukraine military, which Zelensky said he would do to all Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60. MSM news sourced verify this ‘edict’ so to speak, with cops going around to ‘conscript’ these men. Well, if varrious western dictators can send law enforcement around to force folks to get ‘vaccinated’…. More info about Lira can be found here. Another person, from East Europe who lived under Communism from the Czech Republic, Vasko Kohlmayer, an analyst, also claims Putin is mainly trying to protect Donbass here, while calling out the hypocrisy of Biden and the rest of NATO along with bringing up Biden’s criminal history with Ukraine, which, if Ukraine is conquered by Russia, that history will be exposed for the world to see.

Finally, an actual member of America’s military, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, gives on an MSM channel an actual sane view of what’s happening in Ukraine and why. And, naturally, he gets lambasted over it! Here is the link, which includes two videos. Maybe Fox News Tucker Carlson can interview the guy, since Carlson is maybe the only newscaster in the whole MSM that even has a bit of a clue…about almost anything (but yes, Carlson is wrong about stuff as well… he’s not willing to completely expose the truth about covid and ‘vaccines’, for one thing…)

As I said at the beginning of this post, I think this ridiculous ‘war’ that could go from ‘ridiculous’ to ‘very very dangerous’ is being used by the criminal psycho elites to ‘unite’ the people after their ‘divide and rule’ covid-‘vaccine’ narrative finally began to fall apart.  But Marc Faber, referencing Doug Casey (some ‘international man dude’), says it best, from this post:

“…“The main reason that the US government is beating the war drums is that war has always been a distraction from domestic problems. ….A real or fabricated foreign enemy unites the public. The further the economy and the society deteriorate, the more war-mongering we’ll hear from Washington.”

Since I refuse to take a side and have no ‘skin’ in the game, that’s all I have to say about what’s happening in Ukraine. Hopefully, the Ukraine and Russian people don’t get too screwed by their leaders, totally insane of not.

Update: I forgot to add this link last night, the one about some Ukrainian member of Parliament claiming the ‘war’ against Russia isn’t just about Ukraine, but the ‘new world order’, here. Right. Kill many Ukrainian ‘fighters’ and civilians for the ‘new world order’ (or, as it is now called, the Great Reset.)

Update Two: Even leftists get it right sometimes… Jimmy Dore has a new video showing more fake news videos being put out by the MSM, here.

Update Three: Another link to another must-watch video by an American who moved to Ukraine and speaks Russian, but the vid is in English, here. He is absolutely correct regarding the “crocodile tears” many westerners “shed”  over Russia’s “crimes” in Ukraine considering how many of these westerners, and especially Americans (and I am American, just a very anti-war one!), totally ignored NATO and US imperialism crimes in Serbia (over Kosovo, a state run by Albanian Mafia as stated above), Yemen…I mean, they’re just a bunch of freakin’ Muslims, right?, Palestinians…and to heck with the Christian ones, right Christian Zionists?, Libya…”we came, we saw, he died” and now Libya is African slavery central, Iraq and Afghanistan….and how many Americans were left behind, Mr. Biden? and how many Iraqis were murdered during the First Gulf War, Mr. Bush? (RIP???), Vietnam…and how many are on that Memorial Wall? And how many now have PTSD? I’ve known a few…. Syria…and how many Syrian Christians were massacred by Obama’s bombs and ISIS and Turkey and Al Nusra and, and… Laos and Cambodia… Thank God Dith Pran survived “the Killing Fields” and Shanberg’s NYT reporting exposed the Khmer Rouge that the stinkin’ US war there helped set up…and have you seen the movie “S-21” about what Pol Pot did to Cambodians who wouldn’t toe the line?… That Trumpian murder of an Iranian General for no reason except maybe Israel ordered it?… Did I forget anyone here? And yes, Russia “invaded” because only Russia gives a crap about Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk, and knows the criminality of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi government. Certainly few Americans do! Anyway, this dude tells nothing but the truth, and all Americans should watch this video!