Five Questions About ObamaCare, Plus, Is the FBI Reinstating COINTELPRO?

April 4, 2010

I asked myself five questions about ObamaCare that just passed into “law”, and I answer those questions. Plus, I raise the issue of the FBI’s (possible) COINTELPRO operations using the Hutaree and other “patriot” groups.


Issues and Distractions

March 16, 2010

Are we gonna get “slaughtered” with ObamaCare?

Here’s what I think…

Cover Your Ass(ets). PLus: What a Week In The News!

February 22, 2010

Lots of news items this past week! But first, think about covering your assets and protecting your property. The US government has more debt than can ever be repaid, so the Feds will have to do something to cover their debts. Confiscating all private property would be unprecedented, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Who Says A Woman Can’t Chop Wood? Plus: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

February 8, 2010

Yes, women, you too can chop firewood if you have to…as well as jump start a dead car battery… Also, getting mad might make you feel better, but what are you going to do about it?

Ten Pounds of Brussel Sprouts? What Would You Do? And More

January 29, 2010

What would you do with ten pounds of a vegetable many people abhor? And what do you think of the latest Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to contribute unlimited amounts to political campaign ads?

Is It Winter Yet? Plus: Various Observations

January 11, 2010

Read about how we deal with broken and frozen pipes here, as well as other observations.

2009 Something Happening Here “Nothing Happening Here” Awards

December 31, 2009

The second annual Something Happening Here “Nothing Happening Here” Awards can be read <a href=””>here</a&gt;.

Who Says We’re Not In Kansas Anymore?

December 13, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah…more political BS! But folks, it’s winter. There is no longer a garden to worry about. There is so much dead wood around here that it simply isn’t very interesting writing about collecting it all, from kindling to tree stumps, about cutting it all up with a chain saw, and as far as I’m concerned, one chain saw brand is as good as another. I think we use a Poulon…but I’m sure other brands are fine, as well. And do you really expect me to write an article about what to buy for Christmas? Don’t ask. Buy what you think you might need for the proverbial “sh*t hits the fan” scenario, whether it happens or not. Or gold and silver. Or food. Or chickens. I think I will leave that up to the reader.

Anyway, I was going to post about how the alternative media might not be much better than the MSM, about how the alternative sites, especially the news aggregators, have more truth to tell, but can also sew confusion by issuing contradictory stories and opinion disguided as “news.” Seems these news aggregators, as with most Americans at large, fail to distinguish between “fact” and “opinion,” something English teachers nationwide constantly complain about. But then the item below came across my radar…folks, this sort of reporting is getting serious–Obama might be preparing for some sort of “revolution” scenario–because it is now being reported “overseas”, for instance, in the European Union Times, which appears to be linked to American “patriot” sites such as “American Free Press” (formerly the “Spotlight,” meaning it is probably as infiltrated as the Spotlight was), meaning the “EUTimes” may have little to actually do with Europe. Also there are links to sites that look neo-nazi. And to think, as far as I’ve seen, it all started with the alternative media person I most love to diss, Alex Jones.

Jones had posted on one of his sites, this item about a radio interview featuring Greg Everson of “Heartland USA,” who just happens to be a former law enforcement operative from Kansas (hence the title), about Obama getting US troops within the country, as well as intel operators and law enforcement, prepared for civil unrest. Everson has a link to this interview on his site here, and I first saw the actual article on the DProgram site about some quasi-military martial law exercise that is supposedly in the works. This was the original article that Jones posted, and in a comment at DProgram it was stated that Jones posted the article, but one hour later, took it down. (It was upon learning this that my BS detector turned on.) Thus, the link at the beginning of the paragraph won’t work. See the DProgram link.

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It’s Thanksgiving! A Couple O’ Things To Be Thankful About

November 26, 2009

We’re going to a nearby town…nearby is about 40 miles…for a Thanksgiving dinner at a local church. It’s in a town my hubby works in, and we want to be by him this Thanksgiving. Still, our own church is giving its own community Thanksgiving dinner for those who are by themselves or older couples without family in the area or those who can’t afford a big ol’ turkey and the rest of it. I suspect that quite a few churches and other charity groups will be doing this sorta thing this year and even more next year. For instance, there’s a city government which used to give out free turkeys to all of its employees; this year, however, the city council is only giving its employees an “employee dinner.” Budget crunch, you know…however, they aren’t saying why they aren’t giving out the turkeys. Who knows? Maybe this city government gets its turkeys from some federal government turkey farm contractor whose been told by the feds that from now on, all the turkeys have to go to China. For free. Instead of paying them worthless fiat currency we owe them on our national debt, they want something of value instead. The Chinese ain’t stupid, you know!

Anyway, here are a couple of things We the People should probably be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Anyone hear Al Gore’s heartbeat, lately? That missing “lub-dub” in Al Gore’s heartbeat is about to burst, because what most who read this space already knew–anthropogenic (human caused) global warming is as much of a hoax as the aforementioned Gore’s “man-bear-pig” of South Park fame. So say the now famous <a
href=””>Hadley Climate Research Unit of Britain’s East Anglia University e-mails that were hacked into</a>, proving “scientists” with an agenda (no doubt, with huge amounts of stock in “green
companies” as well) were fudging their data after all. This news conveniently comes at a time when Congress critters are trying to pass the infamous cap and trade bill…now, if they pass it, we’ll know for sure it was to make themselves even richer, not to “save the environment”. Who said hackers are all bad? How will Al handle this inconvenient truth? Right now, he seems to be <a
href=””>up a creek</a>. The photo’s caption indicates Gore had drought-stricken New Hampshire release water from a dam for this photo op when it could have helped grow crops. Gore is half-man, half-vampire, and half-pig! And speaking of man-bear-pig…

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Obama Care Passes…and Other Interesting Items Found Perusing the Internet

November 14, 2009

Funny, but I really am not that concerned about this! Maybe it’s the water (which is clean and pure from the aquifer, but has a lot of minerals in it…bad for plumbing). I am uninsured, and no one could pay me for signing up for most health insurance policies written in the US. Folks, if the policy doesn’t have catastrophic insurance covering everything, and no deductible, for under $1,000 a year, I don’t want it. None of this pay $150 a month, $5000 deductible, and it doesn’t cover squat BS. That ain’t health insurance. That is highway robbery! And yet most folks who pay for “individual health insurance” get this kind of “policy” (which, of course, they lose when they actually do use it! Thanks, Assurant Health!) I would rather go uninsured and exercise, take vitamins and minerals, eat healthful foods, and pray to God for good health, thank you! But like I said I’m not concerned about this, because honestly I can’t see this monstrosity becoming honest-to-God, Supreme Court approved law. Not with whom we now have on the Supremes. If they do approve it, I will be amazed, even for me! Devvy Kidd of “News With Views” thinks someone with deep pockets will challenge this thing, and I think she’s onto something.

I wouldn’t be writing about this issue at all, except for one item in the bill that passed the House o’ Representin’–naturally, in the dead of night on Sunday night, November 8, 2009 (same way the Federal Reserve Act passed, in the dead of night on a weekend). You can go to any conservative blog to find out why this bill will not and cannot fix health care in the US, or you could have (as I did) listened to Judge Napolitano this past Friday on the Glenn Beck Fox News radio channel (XM 121) show between 4 and 5 Central to find out why this bill is bad. But what does the House care? They didn’t read this bill anyway, and, besides, this bill will not affect them one bit. Just more (a la “Blazing Saddles”) keeping their “phoney baloney jobs” (give them all a big HURRUMPH!). They pretend to rule us and we pretend to obey them. So what if they “mandate” that all Americans buy health insurance, or get it through the government or through employers, by 2013? Here is what, and why I’m even bringing up this BS issue:  because supposedly if we choose not to let the government run our health care, we will be fined 250,000 FRNs AND be put in jail! Now, seeing as how a few thousand Federal Marshals, FBI agents, Secret Service agents and the like probably couldn’t run down everyone that does not have “health care,” assuredly they will sic the IRS on us. That is, either claim on your IRS form what “health care” you have with documented proof, or the IRS will put you in jail.

A conspiracy theorist’s best nightmare scenario: so THAT is why all those FEMA concentration camps have been built! So that is why, out along some Georgia highway, all those plastic coffins are along the side of the road…to put the bodies of all of us who refuse to buy ObamaCare inside! I can see Alex Jones feverishly working up a froth on this one on “” or “”. What’s your pulse, Big Al?

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