Obama Care Passes…and Other Interesting Items Found Perusing the Internet

November 14, 2009

Funny, but I really am not that concerned about this! Maybe it’s the water (which is clean and pure from the aquifer, but has a lot of minerals in it…bad for plumbing). I am uninsured, and no one could pay me for signing up for most health insurance policies written in the US. Folks, if the policy doesn’t have catastrophic insurance covering everything, and no deductible, for under $1,000 a year, I don’t want it. None of this pay $150 a month, $5000 deductible, and it doesn’t cover squat BS. That ain’t health insurance. That is highway robbery! And yet most folks who pay for “individual health insurance” get this kind of “policy” (which, of course, they lose when they actually do use it! Thanks, Assurant Health!) I would rather go uninsured and exercise, take vitamins and minerals, eat healthful foods, and pray to God for good health, thank you! But like I said I’m not concerned about this, because honestly I can’t see this monstrosity becoming honest-to-God, Supreme Court approved law. Not with whom we now have on the Supremes. If they do approve it, I will be amazed, even for me! Devvy Kidd of “News With Views” thinks someone with deep pockets will challenge this thing, and I think she’s onto something.

I wouldn’t be writing about this issue at all, except for one item in the bill that passed the House o’ Representin’–naturally, in the dead of night on Sunday night, November 8, 2009 (same way the Federal Reserve Act passed, in the dead of night on a weekend). You can go to any conservative blog to find out why this bill will not and cannot fix health care in the US, or you could have (as I did) listened to Judge Napolitano this past Friday on the Glenn Beck Fox News radio channel (XM 121) show between 4 and 5 Central to find out why this bill is bad. But what does the House care? They didn’t read this bill anyway, and, besides, this bill will not affect them one bit. Just more (a la “Blazing Saddles”) keeping their “phoney baloney jobs” (give them all a big HURRUMPH!). They pretend to rule us and we pretend to obey them. So what if they “mandate” that all Americans buy health insurance, or get it through the government or through employers, by 2013? Here is what, and why I’m even bringing up this BS issue:  because supposedly if we choose not to let the government run our health care, we will be fined 250,000 FRNs AND be put in jail! Now, seeing as how a few thousand Federal Marshals, FBI agents, Secret Service agents and the like probably couldn’t run down everyone that does not have “health care,” assuredly they will sic the IRS on us. That is, either claim on your IRS form what “health care” you have with documented proof, or the IRS will put you in jail.

A conspiracy theorist’s best nightmare scenario: so THAT is why all those FEMA concentration camps have been built! So that is why, out along some Georgia highway, all those plastic coffins are along the side of the road…to put the bodies of all of us who refuse to buy ObamaCare inside! I can see Alex Jones feverishly working up a froth on this one on “prisonplanet.com” or “infowars.com”. What’s your pulse, Big Al?

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On Going Solar, and A Whole Lot More Just For the Fun of It

November 1, 2009

Remember I said <a href=”news101009.html”>last time</a> that NOT going solar was NOT an option? Wrong! It is just an option, because going solar is: one, expensive, and two, something that needs a huge amount of planning, with, IMHO, someone who has either done it or knows enough about it to help you do it, probably for a hefty fee. Without going into all the details of what I have seen regarding using solar energy (suffice to say though I have been to experimental solar houses and know a couple of families out here who use it), the fact is that if one is going to go exclusively solar it is going to cost well over one-hundred-thousand-dollars just to get one’s feet wet in the process. In fact, aside from this one family I know out here who is completely off the grid with solar–and are doing it panel by panel, that is, not having the funds to go full scale running appliances and a computer 24/7–going completely off the grid (unless you are a multi-millionaire like perhaps that ex-ambassador to Mongolia I mentioned recently who is moving out here) absolutely makes no sense. Sorry to burst the bubble I may have created for you.

So then, if you are going to go solar and make the system pay for itself in less than 50 years, then the only option I can think of is to go solar AND stay connected to the grid as well. That way, if you live in an area (such as far west Texas) that is reasonably sunny most of the year, you can generate however much solar electricity capacity you need, and sell the rest back to the utility company that is supplying your “on the grid” electricity. Now, being “physical-science challenged” (I can do the math and that’s about it) and barely remembering when I took physics in college about 30 years ago anything about electrostatics, I won’t go into the details (and you can google it or use wikipedia), but as you probably know by now, the power grid you use now is AC, but solar is DC. (Now why couldn’t Tesla work with Edison? Don’t you think this would have solved a huge number of problems? Then again, most Americans never quite make it to Europe.). This means, of course, that an “inverter” must be used if you are re-selling excess solar generated electricity back to the Utility, and not only that, but are you going to order all of your appliances from Europe instead of using the ones you have now, the ones you know work fine with AC outlets? Because I admit it: I was a complete idiot before the “solar house” exhibits, not realizing that solar ran on DC. Not only that, but I feel like an idiot even bringing up solar! In fact, those of you who are reading this, please send a comment or at least an e-mail. Because I want to know about how having solar energy systems work when your appliances and outlets are AC, or DC, or whatever.

So, while solar houses are pretty cool, I have a funny feeling we are going to have to do a huge amount of planning and reworking our living arrangements before we even attempt to “go solar”!

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“The Government Pretends to Govern Us, and We Pretend to Obey Them”

October 10, 2009

This title is based on a well-known saying from the old Soviet Union: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” Really I can’t think of a better way to put it. Why should Congress take anything We the People, or, as some might put it, “Tea Party” or “Angry Mob”-type folks, do or say when it is so easy for them to ignore us? Easy, since they have many secret service folks making sure that we have no direct access to them (except for Town Hall meetings, where they have ACORN and SEIU instead). Fun, because it is really really cool to know that you are above the law. Profitable, because while taxpayers pay the salary it is a drop in the bucket compared to what they make from lobbiests and think tanks. They listen to their owners. Period. And wouldn’t you know it, it is so easy to become utterly corrupt. Pays better, too! In fact, it is not only easy to ignore We the People, but, when you have tools like Olbermann, Maddow, and Hannity and O’Reilly standing with the rulers against “the rabble,” or acting like they are calling you out but in fact obfuscate the issues into “bad liberal Democrats vs. good conservative Republicans” (as Hannity and O’Reilly do), gee, doesn’t that make being traitorus and corrupt that much easier, fun, and profitable? So easy, a caveman could do it…and what would the difference be if a real caveman ran for office? As long as he loved money over duty and honor to uphold the rule of law (ie. the Constitution), none.

In fact, it is getting so whatever they do, whether it is passing hate crime bills, to spening money on weapons that won’t work in wars we ain’t gonna win, to bailing out the folks who own them (and these folks call US slaves!), to stirring up folks like Alex Jones into such a froth it riles the imagination, to giving themselves pay raises while cutting back on days at work… Need I go on? It is getting so the more they legislate the less anyone is really going to pay attention to it. Since they don’t bother to read the bills, likelihood is they don’t even know what is “the law.” In trying to enforce whatever the law is, they’ll make it up as they go along. Hate crime laws? They’ll have one or two show trial examples of patsy anti-semites or whatever just to scare us into silence, and then it’ll come out that the hate victim wasn’t a victim after all, at which time they’ll bury the truth as they always do. Think Duke University’s Lacrosse Team. Weapons? Makes the opium harvesting less obvious, and besides, who wants to spend money on repairing infrastructure? Not glamorous enough. And why shouldn’t Congress bail out the banks and giant corporations? They know who owns them! What choice do they have? (Again, who the hell are the slaves here? Jones and the rest keep calling us “sheeple” slaves. BS! The slaves…and I have a feeling Barack “Nobel Peace Prize” Obama just set African-Americans back a hundred years or so…led by the biggest slave of all [the Big O], must do what they are told. Period. Just like Bush. Just like Clinton [though, in Slick Willie’s case, I’d say he rather enjoyed it], and the rest of the CIA handled bunch). And did you know that Congress now works 2 and a half day weeks? Talk about pretending to govern us! Is that what us taxpayers are paying them for? (Actually, a two-and-a-half-day workweek from Congress is probably a good idea…that way they can do less damage, maybe…but the fact remains they are still getting paid to work a full week).

Now, I am not generally a cynic. But everytime I read something about what the government does I can’t help but feel they are doing what they are doing, on purpose, to screw We the People. Not only that, but I think they revel in it. I mean, passing laws in bills they don’t even read? I guess they figure since they keep getting re-elected, they figure folks back home don’t really give a crap. In some respects this is true. I have a feeling though that all this is changing. I mean, come on, Congress critters. You can only screw people so much, just as you can only get so much blood out of a turnip. Since we may be approaching the point where the vast majority of Americans have virtually nothing left to lose, screwing us won’t really make that much of an impact, except to compel us to act, and without fear of “losing” something.

I now present a true worst case scenario that might actually stand a chance of happening. Let’s say we have official unemployment at 15 percent, meaning the real unemployment is about 30 percent; along with that seventy percent of college grads cannot find work other than, say, flipping burgers. And let’s say along with that we have kids in college who will be unable to complete their education because they can no longer afford it in any way, shape or form. And, through all this, we are rapidly approaching the point of Zimbabwe-level hyperinflation, so that whatever money the government has not managed to steal from us can’t buy much, anyway. Finally…just to add spice to the mix…the government must bring our troops back home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and everywhere else (since others, like Japan [good for them!], want us out of their countries anyway). So now, in this scenario, we have millions of unemployed workers, young folks, teens–and now, soldiers in civilian life. Except for the mercenary outfits like Xe (Blackwater, who also owns the so-called “American Police Force” of Hardin, Montana, fame), who will hire the psychopath scumbags who will think nothing of killing We the People if we “get outta line,” most of these soldiers will also be unemployed. I hope you are keeping track of what I am saying with this possible scenario. Because it has existed in the past, and I don’t mean Weimar, Germany.

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All I have to say is this: Prepare

September 30, 2009

For the past few months, you may have noticed I have not posted every week, the way I used to. For one, I have vowed, sort of, to stop commenting on every last political notion that has come up–unlike the last two years when I commented on all the doings of the 2008 Presidential race–because how many times does one have to say the same thing over and over again (the system is rigged, therefore, disregard or get out of it as much as you can)? And how many times do I have to warn about a group I called THEM, but now can safely say “them” because “they” have already lost “their” control over when “they” will institute their stupid “new world order”? Illuminati? Folks, we are beyond worrying about those critters (but let Alex Jones and his ilk keep making big bucks keeping us fearing this crew…I mean, Hal “FBI” Turner was exposed; Alex “control the opposition” Jones is right around the corner). Every time I think about the validity and reliability of their “one world” everything I have to laugh. The corruption they are sowing is so all encompassing that the seeds of its own destruction are already built in. Since God creates evil (Isaiah 45), He controls it, not some idiot “illuminists”! What we really need to worry about is how we are going to deal with neighbors when what we ought to be preparing for what comes down, first, and then concern ourselves with BS local bureaucrats and petty Hitlers, second. Then again, the other reason I haven’t posted as much as I would like (and vowed I would) is because in the last two months, I have had headaches almost continually. It is very hard for me to work on the computer when headaches strike. But now I know why I’ve had three times the headaches I’ve had before, as I will explain.

The main reason–there are others but I don’t need to go into these here–for all the headaches turned out to be that our refrigerator was slowly dying, failing to keep our food cold and fresh. Without any notice, one night I looked to get some ice cream out of the freezer, and I noticed that the ice cream was melting! Two hours later, the ice cream was completely melted. Then I touched the milk in the frig and it was barely cool. But it wasn’t just possible bacteria build-up. The frig was on constantly and it was making ever louder whiny noises, which, along with stressing me out was giving me tinnitus like you wouldn’t believe. Plus, the weather was unstable. The headaches I was getting were not typical migraines which start at the temples. These began in the back of the right side of the head where stress headaches usually begin. Further, I know the frig going on the fritz was the primary cause because when we got out new frig early last week, the headaches pretty much disappeared. Was it the rapidly degraded food? The noise and tinnitus? Probably both. Further, when I have headaches like that I don’t take my usual daily mile-long walk, and that’s not good for my health, either.

I have learned just the other day that more and more “VIP” type folks are moving into this area. The Big Bend region is becoming more and more well known for its movie and music celebs:  Tommy Lee Jones, the late Patrick Swayze, Mick Jagger, and various others own property out here amd have for years and in fact on occassion (such as the artsy-fartsy art festivals in nearby Marfa and Alpine) some of these folks come out and show themselves to us regular folks, no disguises, as if they feel comfortable enough among us. Now it turns out that former “high up mucky-mucks” in the federal and state governments are moving out here, and that a former Ambassardor to Mongolia and a few other places has bought property and intends to live in our mountain subdivision. “This guy knows things are gonna fall apart,” I was told.

So, are you, reader, prepared in case it does? I don’t know if things will “fall apart” or not, but like I always say, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” In case you haven’t seen a comprehensive checklist of items you might want to have around if the worst happens, <a href=”http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig10/gillespie2.1.1.html”>here is a good start</a>.

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The Limits of Trusting Your Neighbor: Plus: You Either Seek the Truth, or You Don’t

September 12, 2009

In the <a href=”news090109.html”>previous newsletter</a> I made a case for practical “community action” with your neighbors, even if you have to resolve conflicts to do it. If there is a crisis, folks you don’t want your neighbors against you as well the rest of the world (you can read “the authorities” into this if you want). But that doesn’t mean giving him the key to your house, meaning your stored food, water, crisis supplies, and giving him license to take as much stored gasoline as he wants! Or letting him use your computer! It means being in a position to work with neighbors to get through whatever crisis hits.

Ideally you want the kind of neighbor we have, a former Libertarian Party guy who ran for some office years ago on the LP ticket, and a guy who knows Ron Paul:  someone who you don’t have to worry about sneaking onto your property when your gone as long as he knows you won’t do the dame thing. Someone you have an unspoken understanding with. So what if you have neighbors who are busy bodies? We are not talking suburbia here, but we are not talking farms, either….six people per square mile stuff. We are talking subdivisions that happen to be in rural areas outside (usually) small towns. This one here encompasses about a seven miles radius and has about 50 full time families/individuals. Even so, there are those people who live in the more flat valley spots that are surrounded with neighbors (as opposed to us…we bought our place in a box canyon up higher, in a place where it would be unlikely to have neighbors on either side).

However, if you must buy land in very flat and desirable locations, a consequence might be that you will be surrounded by neighbors who might be live and let live or who might be busy bodies and gossipers, or who might want to borrow every tool you have and then you have to literally threaten to sue the guy unless he returns it. I never said you would escape jerks if you moved out to the country! Plus you might find one fine day that you have new neighbors…with six kids, seven dogs, eleven cats and fifteen clunkers sitting out on their front lawn…er, grassy areas by the road. Might remind you of one of my favorite “Simpsons” characters: “Some folk’l never eat a skunk, but then again some folk’l, like Cletus the slackjawed yokel…”

So. If you get those kinds of neighbors, don’t try to sue the SOBs or do what someone did out here: put out the eye of the neighbor’s goat. What you are going to have to do is go up to the head of the household and reach an understanding. Don’t go saying what he “ought to do” without some sort of compromise yourself, just because you’ve been “out here” for twenty years and he is the new guy. If the neighbor cats are pooping in your garden, don’t kill the critters, because cats are cats and that is what cats do. Cats ain’t dogs if you know what I mean. Deal with it. Take out that gun and shoot it in the air, not
at the cats. Maybe you can convince the neighbors to do whatever is possible to keep the cats in their property. Barking dogs? Noisy kids? Unsightly clunkers? Develop an understanding, and rue the day that you bought that flat place in the valley knowing you might someday have a bunch of neighbors surrounding you!

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Out Here, ACORNs Fall From the Oak Trees, and More…

September 1, 2009

We don’t have ACORN (or HCAN or the SEIU) out here. Instead we have lots and lots of acorns falling out of oak trees. So what if it’s still summer? Seasons are weird in West Texas. We have the Dry Season and the Rainy Season (from July4 until sometime usually in September), with the rest of the year being in the Dry Season…except in certain El Nino years NOT followed by a La Nina! In 2004, for instance, it rained from May until the following February! We got 60 inches! Our main creek ran from June until the following April! But, back to why I brought up ACORN…

Folks in the community are “organizing” without ACORN telling us how to do it. Has nothing to do with “Town Hall” meetings, either. (And besides, our Rep., Ciro Rodriguez–the same Rep who voted no on the bailouts but will not support Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill–did his Town Hall meeting on HealthCare over the phone. I guess he saw what was coming, so he chickened out of the real deal. Didn’t want to speak in front of the gaggle of Ron Paul supporters that live out here and in Alpine–Dr. No has LOTS of support out here, I am delighted to say!). Considering this was a very divided community only ten years or more ago, this is quite an accomplishment.

Not only was this community the site of the “Republic of Texas” standoff in April-May, 1997, there was a lawsuit against many of the property owners who had stopped paying maintanence fees for one reason or another, mostly because of faulty land surveys and prior lawsuits. After the suit was settled in 2000, there was still a lot of bitterness over it, and it took a while for things to get back to normal and for people to bring themselves to speak to those on the opposite sides of the suit. For instance, I am now buddy-buddy with an elderly couple that I wouldn’t consider speaking to before the suit ended! Pretty much the bad vibes are gone out of this community, at least among full-time residents. This has allowed community groups to start doing things to help their neighbors.

From the very beginning of putting this site together, I have always insisted that if you are going to move out to the rural remote, especially full time, you must learn to get along with your neighbor! We are, I think, reaching the point where doing whatever it takes is going to be the only option. If things get as chaotic as some think they will (social upheaval, and the looting and crime that goes with it…or, on the other hand, the “Great Depression-like” destitution and begging in the streets type scenarios), wouldn’t you want to know that you can trust your neighbors not to steal that extra gas can you’ve been saving for emergencies? All part of the preparation, folks, preparation.

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Healthcare Plan? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Healthcare Plan! Plus: Do Not Fall for the Divide and Conquer

August 14, 2009

I will get into discussion of ObamaCare in just a few paragraphs, because my take is just a wee bit different than what “most analysts” are saying about it. First, because I am trying to offer practical solutions here, I would say that the best healthcare plan you can have is to watch what food and drink you put into your body, get off the couch or computer chair and get out there and tend to your garden or take a nice long walk (bring water!) or do various low-impact exercises, or go swimming. Believe it or not, your body just might be able to tell you what it needs.

Whenever we go on a trip to a city large enough to have several good eating places even if there are also places where the extra calories can be worked off, I invariably put on extra weight. I am already a bit overweight to begin with; nothing that seriously threatens health, however. But when a woman passes through menopause but continues to eat goodly portions of food as well as snacks, there is no way one is going to be able to stay fit and trim, period. And you know restaurants. They go from one extreme to the other:  either you get half the food you think you’re going to get or you get twice the food you think your going to get. And, don’t forget–restaurants tend to use MSG, which makes you want to eat more. Finally, when you go to a city that has restaurants you would not normally find out in the desert areas of west Texas–that is, Galveston, and its fresh fish from the Gulf fare–one tends to want to pig out! Thus, when one gets home one knows one has to get it under control. Genetics and predispositions aside which no one has much control over, it really really is important what goes into your body and also what does not go into your body. In fact I don’t know what ought to be of more concern:  that the govt. wants to tell us how to run our health care, or that the govt. wants to force us to get a vaccine.

Putting ObamaCare aside for a minute, let’s talk about how the govt., if it wishes, will likely force folks to get the ominous H1N1 vaccine which BTW has live H1N1 in it. Folks like Alex Jones would have you believe that martial law troops will line folks up and give them shots, or else be shot…with a gun, that is. Or some such dreaded scenario. But they don’t need to resort to that unless the chaos and civil war that will follow is what they are after. All they need to do is mandate that unless one gets the vaccine, one cannot work for any govt. of any kind; cannot collect Social Security and Medicare; cannot use public buildings; cannot go to public school or any school (including private schools and colleges) that take
Federal funds; cannot get gun permits; cannot vote; cannot get job trade licenses; cannot travel by airplane, boat, train, etc., and ultimately, cannot buy and sell. Am I sounded Biblical here?

Just a small “for instance”:  before our son could get his driver’s license, he needed a “social.” Because he was home schooled and thus didn’t have the public school photo ID, he needed to get a Texas state issued citizen photo ID, because folks you get nothing from the govt. now unless you have a photo ID. At some point when he was about 7 or 8…my memory of the series of events escapes me…he needed vaccinations for some reason. The usual: MMR, Polio, Tetanus. Turns out Texas A & M Galveston would not have admitted him without these shots. Fortunately, he has only had to get the bare minimum and no booster shots. When our daughter first wanted to go to Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp (where she worked as a junior counselor this summer), she had to submit proof of vaccinations. Fortunately, again she only needed the minimum and no boosters. Public schools, of course, require the maximum, including chicken pox. You get the idea. Unless they want to start riots and whatnot, the govt. will go the typical “gradualism” route with these shots. They will set forth some kind of timeline, after which you are screwed. Kind of like all males having to register for selective service after they turn 18–it must be done before one can get student loans or grants, or to graduate from college. Because folks in the USA really are waking up, the Feds really can’t afford to so blatantly “take the velvet glove off the iron fist” as Mark “Michigan Militia” Koernke used to say.

Now, as to how I plan to make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to keep healthy: eat only once or twice a day, and eat smaller portions. Cut the snacks. I already walk about a mile a day in the evening, anyway. All I have to do is stick with it. Food will come from the garden and meat as organically prepared (and processed) as possible. Heck, we have all that fish from the Gulf…In other
words, I will let my body “tell me” when I need to eat.

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Anonymous Comments Will NOT be Posted!

July 30, 2009

Something Happening Here.net comments at this website, based on the Something Happening Here newsletter beginning with July 31, 2009 (and any previous newsletters I decide to post here retroactively for comments), will NOT post “anonymous” comments, period, no matter who is posting, a subscriber or not.

If you have the guts to speak your mind you should have the guts to put your name or username to the comment. This is to keep trolls, CIA-FBI-NSA-Mossad-MI6 stooges, or anti-semites of the “semitic” variety from posting their anonymous ADL-type “hate” comments.

If you want to call me a name or say I committed some kind of “hate crime”, have the “chutzpah” if you know what I mean to say who the hell you are!

“I Think I’ll Just Move to the Country…Become a ‘Survivalist’…Shouldn’t Be Too Difficult,” and Other Stuff

July 30, 2009

Just in case the reader hasn’t read <a href=”thinking_of_moving_to_rural_remote_considerations.html”>this</a> yet, I have nothing else better to do than to restate my case:  DO NOT move to the rural remote unless you are prepared to work your butt off! Any
wanna-be “survivalist,” the kind that one reads about in the NY Times or LA Times or Washington Post or “Local Sentinel-Dispatch-News-Whatever,” never actually gets around to telling the truth that his or her or their “heaven” in the country was created by hours and days and weeks and months (not to mention years) of back breaking labor…either theirs or someone else’s. Or does one assume these yuppies (after all, no one wants to hear from some stiff who makes “only” 50K a year, when a fit and trim couple with lovely children with an income of 300K will do!) are likely to pay some clown $10 an hour (what they believe the rural remote going rate is!) to plant their garden? I am not joking! There are ‘from-the-big-city’ folks out here who have done just that and have lived to regret it! The so-called “clowns” KNOW who the real clowns are!

Well, after about twenty-some-odd years of back breaking labor (mostly my husband’s…but with him being so busy being an EMS director in a town about 50 miles away, I am picking up more and more of the slack), it is STILL back breaking labor! Going on “search and destroy” missions for grasshoppers, cucumber bugs and the like by having to bend over or stoop to the garden isn’t exactly a yoga exercise! You think picking beans and squash in the hot sun or the heat of the day is a day at the beach? And for those of you with chickens to slaughter… well you get the idea. Have a greenhouse? Well, I don’t imagine it put itself up! Further, you don’t invite your livestock into the house for dinner…they can forage, yes, but who is going to give them their supplements they need? Game animals don’t shoot themselves. Brush doesn’t weed-whack itself. Rocks don’t levitate out of the ground–you have to lay that pick and come-along into them and move them yourself. Unless, ofcourse, you want a half-assed job done so you hire someone else. Well, we don’t. Which is why we have done 99% of the work ourselves (sorry, God does the work using our bodies). Did I mention that the rural remote is “no country for lazy men,” and there is no such thing out here as “something for nothing,” (and chicks ain’t free, either…not even bird chicks!)

What got me going on this kick was reading <a href=”http://www.backwoodshome.com/wolfe_index.html>Backwoods Home articles by Claire Wolfe</a>, who also wrote a nifty article at this site called <a href=”http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/wolfe118.html”>”Preparing for Civil Unrest”</a>. One of
Wolfe’s pieces <a href=”http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/wolfe93.html”&gt; is based on a letter writer to the mag about wanting to find his own “freedom” but seemingly not have to work hard to get it, while making
certain assumptions about how “easy” it would be to pack up, leave the city, and move to the country. Didn’t much matter where, as long as it was ‘the country’. I think Wolfe did a pretty good job setting him straight.

Now, since I don’t advertise on Google or anywhere else and rely on “the hand of God” to move people to this site (or perhaps, word of mouth by subscribers and others–after all, I really do get at least hundreds of visits here daily!), should the writer of that letter wind up here, this post is for folks like him or her. There is a reason why we live in far west Texas, in the Davis
Mountains. Texas is very gun friendly, lenient on home schoolers, ranchers (you build a fence not to keep cattle in but to keep cattle out!), small business owners, has a wide range of climates, land forms and elevations, and weather types, and use to be (and might become again) its own country, and is generally no-nonsense with more limited government (except that the state legislature just passed a ridiculous law stating that in case of government-mandated evacuations, you either evacuate or go to jail!). The Davis Mountains, though in dry west Texas, gets a good amount of rain in the summer and is more drought-free than other parts of west Texas. Plus, it
never gets too cold or too hot up here at about 6,000 feet.

But Texas, since it is a “primary law enforcement state” and probably has more law enforcement per capita than any other state (because it has a roughly 700 mile border with Mexico, it has the Texas Rangers, and more Texans have been employed by the military and law enforcement than any other state and getting all those so-called “benefits”), may not be “free enough” for some. But how “free” was Randy Weaver in Idaho? How “free” were the “Freemen” in Montana? How “free” are the “Free Staters” in New Hampshire, which always votes Republican and supported McCain, or in Vermont, which always votes Democrat and has as one of its Congress critters a self-described Socialist? BTW, all of these states have cold winters, lots of snow (where the snow blower doesn’t go), shorter growing seasons, and you had better have barns with heaters for your livestock! Yes, and rigorous (that is, expensive) insulation in your house. And, oh yes. Bears.

But, I’m not going to stop you from trying. The thing is, I believe you must thoroughly check out possible living sites by camping out in the area if possible or at least staying somehow (hotel or RV) nearby, in summer and in winter. State/County/Municipal regulations and codes and zoning ordinances. Prices, for everything. Jobs and salaries…be prepared to get a 30-50 percent salary cut. Dial-up internet, unless you love bandwidth usage limits with satellite internet. And forget about going into town whenever you like, unless you want to prematurely use up your vehicle. And be prepared for either nosey neighbors at one end or “leave me alone!” neighbors on the other end. If you are a liberal, good luck finding a like-minded neighbor! If you are Jewish, a synagogue…etc., etc., etc. But, by all means, put out the effort to make an attempt at least!

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July 30, 2009

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