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About that Uvalde, Texas School Shooting

May 29, 2022

Folks, I know I haven’t written anything here in months, mostly because there are so many topics I could write about–and, BTW, I am also working on a new novel in three or more parts, a novel “spin-off” of The Prodigal Band Trilogy, called ‘The Murder Rule“–that I have already written about to some extent, that I was waiting for a topic that had impact, but was not based on the usual narratives (for narratives are all the media has the incentive to “report” about these days!). Besides, I’ve already covered the on-going “narrative” topics:

Ukrainevaxxescovid and vaxx mandatescovid-vaxx-fearmongeringCRT and Racismwoke-ismThe Great ResetCRT and Mathcancel culturecelebrity hypocrisycovid scamTrump’s fealty to Talmudic JewryOppose Talmudic Jewry and NoahideHow many Gentile Salves per Jew?Possible End Times ScenariosMore on Noahide

Funny how Naohide has disappeared from anyone’s “narrative”…on purpose maybe? Just when Christians were starting to become aware of it. Hmmmmm….they’ll do anything to get true believers on Christ to fall back to sleep…or (as 2 Thessalonians calls it, “fall by the way.”)

And speaking of Christians, funny how virtually no Christian preachers are exposing the evil of Jewish Supremacist IDF’ers MURDERING a Palestinian-American CHRISTIAN reporter for Al-Jazeera, Shireen Abu Akleh! But I guess American Christians, Christian-Zionist or not, aren’t supposed to give a crap about some American and Christian reporter….because she’s Palestinian? I wonder what Christ thinks about that one…. Hmmmmm…..

But now, onto the main topic, that school shooting by Salvador Ramos, who is likely Hispanic, BTW.

But a few questions virtually no one has an answer for, in or out of the media, and if they do, I haven’t seen any answers yet that can be verified:

One, where was he born? Is he illegal? Product of “dreamers”? Actually born in the US? and why was he brought up by his grandmother in Uvalde, who he just happened to MURDER before he MURDERED a classroom full of kids and two teachers in Robb elementary?

Was he on drugs, or anti-depressants? Not a fan of Michael Moore–too woke for me–but Moore, maker of the movie “Bowling for Columbine” about the school shooting there years ago, claims that the two shooters were on anti-depressants. As someone whom has witnessed and worked with folks screwed up on Prozac, his statements make sense, in the video here.

How, with only having a minimum wage job, did he get the money for the guns and ammo, which are now quite expensive–and he got them at age 17?

Was he gay? Tranny? an emo type? Was he bullied? Did teachers bully him? Did his grandmother whom he murdered bully him? Because he sure looks weird in some pix of him.

And why did he crash his car, then fire shots into some cemetary event? Then he heads toward the school…

And now a summary of some facts that I have heard on videos by a man I consider a credible source, getting details from those involved with the event: his name if Clay Travis, of the YouTube site Outkick, which tends to report about sports, of all things! After I state some facts he reports about, I will post links to his videos, which cover mostly mainstream media offical Uvalde police and other sources at the scene.

First, why did a teacher who left the school building at around 11:27 am (according to Travis) PROP the door to the school open? Now, the doors of the school, once opened, then shut or locked automatically (based on rules and protocols after Sandy Hook, supposedly, to prevent school shootings). Supposedly the teacher who propped the door open went to her car for some reason, right around the time Ramos was shooting at the cemetary across from the school. Was this teacher part of the plot, maybe?

So, the shooter is shooting nearby the school, and cops show up, and then Ramos enters the school and some shooting, then some cops go into the school–and none of the classroom doors are locked so he enters the classroom to shoot up the kids and teacher (and supposedly, this classroom was accessable to the classroom next door, which was why two teachers were shot, and maybe the students there as well–I don’t have all the details yet, nor do the media). So the killer is shooting but the cops just wait outside? Supposedly, the head of police there, a Hispanic, orders the cops to “stand down”? For over an hour!

Travis wants to know, and so do I!

Finally, the killer is taken out by Border Patrol folks. After an hour and a half! Why? Travis has his opinion.

Here is mine. The demons running this country want to take our guns away–for years, and they’ll do anything to do so, to heck with the murders of children! HISPANIC CHILDREN, mostly. So Democrats want to let in all sorts of Hispanic illegals at the Texas border (and Uvalde is on that border)…why? So they can be shot up to bring about “gun control”? After that George Floyd crapola, what with cops being “defunded” because that’s what BLM and Antifa and Biden and the “squad” (the biggest embarrassment to PoC’s everywhere!) and the crazed “woke-sters” want? When most of these shootings occur in BLACK, HISPANIC, and PoC neighborhoods? Right! BLM (short for black lives murdered) wants to protect black neighborhoods by letting cops know if they shoot a black murdering thug murdering a black person (or anyone else…Asian, maybe?) they’ll get “defunded” and put in jail besides! And of course they love it when black thugs murder innocent whites… So, did the cops act like cowards so that BLM and Democrats and whoever wouldn’t “defund” them or have them thrown in jail for doing the right thing against a PoC?And did the head of Uvalde police, a Hispanic, really want this to happen to “protect” his cowardly cops? Cowards? Definitely, when Hispanic and other parents tried to actually stop the event, and then they get arrested and handcuffed?

Here are the links to Clay Travis’s videos: here and here and here. Of course, the whole darned thing could just be another psy-op or false flag. Jim Stone’s take on this is here. As with so many school shootings and other nefarious events, many of which are proven false flags, we may never know the whole truth of it.

UPDATE, May 30, 2022: This post here is must read for even greater timeline details, plus the author asks the key question of how did Ramos come up with all that money to buy all those guns and ammo, when he wasn’t even 18 yet! He lets one “make” their own “assumptions.” False flag maybe? And we know how corrupt the FBI is. Plus he states that Border Patrol in that area is full of corruption as well.

About Those Convoy Protests

February 5, 2022

Folks, I am always suspicious of large so-called populist protests no matter who or what is doing the protesting, and even if they seem to be working the way the organizers claimed they would. Here are two over-arching reasons why:

One, a notion I have learned many years ago, and having even participated to some extent in this kind of movement (having known the leader of it for several years and was considered a friend of sorts until he exposed himself as a scam artist), is this: always seek the truth of it as an infiltrator of it or an honest truth seeker of it, trying to find the overall agenda and what led to this agenda and movement. Further, is the leader or leaders allowing controlled opposition to aid in leading the movement?

Two, remember always this truth: the forces of evil fund both sides. Everyone thinks George Soros only funds the far left such as Antifa and BLM, when in fact he also funds alt-right groups or populist groups that have alt-right leanings. Just like the Rothschilds funded Hitler as well as Stalin and the rest of the WW2 “allies” (US, UK, and certainly the Soviet Union. This is obvious: Rothschild used Hitler to persecute the Jews so the Zionists would have a legit reason, via the Balfour Declaration letter from Balfour to Rothschild, to create the State of Israel in 1948, a Zionist state the Zionists wanted all along, needing persecuted Jews to raise the agenda).

.For instance,  here is a link showing how and why the CIA controls and funds various alt-right media groups. The original link is from “Before It’s News” which is in itself a hopium-Ben-Fulford-type site, but still consider the possibility that this SOTN post is true. Heck, if the FBI can infiltrate that “Republic of Texas” movement when its leader was told the FBI was infiltrating it!… And then you have those “vaxx-mandate opposition leaders” such as RFK Jr., Robert Malone, Del Bigtree, Stew Peters, Carrie Madej, etc. being exposed here and here and here and here (this is strictly about Malone) and here (where you can download proof that Malone is controlled opposition and more) and here (which shows Bigtree’s YouTube channel is funded by Big Pharma). And I have already shown folks like David Martin, here, who has a tatoo of the Eye of Horus, a satanic symbol, cannot be trusted…and never mind that some of these folks are Freemasons….

And you do know by now that so-called “patriot” group the Oath Keepers had leaders that were hooked up to the FBI….just like the Republic of Texas… Do I even need to link to that? Why was it FBI infiltrators were not January 6th imprisoned while those who fell for the hoax “insurrection” were, and may never be freed from the Guantanamo-Bay-on-the-Patomic?

Now I have seen posts on various alt-media sites claiming the leaders of the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” that has taken over the capital Ottowa are controlled opposition, with one being a Jewish gay person (so if someone is Jewish they are automatically controlled op? Hmmmm…. when one of the links to this notion was posted on Henry Makow’s site, and Makow is Jewish? Hmmmm… Supposedly the leader handling the money to fund this movement also has controlled op ties. I did not record the link but Makow’s site over the last week on his daily updates likely has the link posted. Sorry about that. And then there is the false flag possibility here with a video here. Finally, if the symbol used by this trucker movement is legit, then I’d say this movement just might be more controlled op, here. I don’t do gematria, but still… I am suspicious of any group that imports the “666” symbol on it’s logo. And hopefully, this pix here is just a joke.

Update: I forgot to remind folks of this fact: if this convoy protest is so populist and freedom-supporting, then why are Elon Musk (a billionaire transhuman-loving globalist) and Donald Trump (a stooge of the elites who started the vaxx campaign with “Operation Warp Speed”) supporting it? Hmmmmmm….

Next up will be a post regarding the next level of wokeness in the NFL, and a team I used to root for is part of it.

In Memory of the Attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967

June 9, 2019

Here is a very serious list–of course, not all links I have seen over the years could be included on this list–of articles and videos memorializing and truth-telling about how and why Israel murdered 34 American sailors and wounded 174 others while nearly sinking the USS Liberty ship on intelligence missions during the 1967 Six Day War. It was actually a false flag that the US govt. covered up in deference to Israel and would be blamed on Egypt.

Just to let folks know, on the night of June 8, 1967, on a New York City Metro Area AM radio station, the original newscast stated Israel did indeed attack the USS Liberty “by accident.” Two nights later, Egypt got the blame.

I did not discover the truth of this until 2006 when Liberty survivors told their story in a book about this event. The same 2006 when “mighty” Israel couldn’t even beat Hezbollah! The same 2006 that was the final straw that broke the ‘Christian Zionist-in-me’ camel’s back.

In honor of those that gave their lives for truth, and in honor of those who lost their lives because the Evil that rules this world is using Israel to destroy this world–wake up, Israelis! Wake up, Jews! Wake up, Christian Zionists!–I present this list of articles and embed-code videos. Blessings.

What ReallyHappened USS Liberty posts

Israel Attack on USS Liberty (Full)

New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked USS Liberty with Orders to Kill 294 Americans

Operation Cyanide USS Liberty

Rense post on pilot involved

Attack on the USS Liberty

Still No Justice

Remembering Liberty Attack Philip Giraldi June 2016

Reliving the Liberty Attack

False Flag proven, blamed on Egypt

BBC Documentary USS Liberty: Dead in the Water

Loss of Liberty video (must agree it won’t harm you stuff)

TruNews USS Liberty Attack Part 1

Part 2 including USS Liberty survivors

Note: I have removed the videos but kept the links. CASE Act and all that other copyright troll garbage… Folks, I can’t afford to “op-out” so to speak… Sorry about that.